About Us

We are a sustainable water company on a mission.

Our goal is to significantly improve society's water resilience in the face of a changing environment, leading to an overall reduction of the need for plastic water bottles and other harmful containers by offering clean water free from microplastics and harmful chemicals, made right here in the Nordics! 

Our Solution

The product

We produce drinking water using humidity found in the air and the natural condensation process, as well as a series of appropriate filters.

Depending on your needs,

our AWGs can generate anything from 20 to 20,000 Litres of ultra pure water every day depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

Areas of use

Auqvian offers solutions for residential properties, offices, commerical environments, airports, public transport, agriculture, civil contingency and more.

The agricultural sector knows the importance of water quality. A high saline concentration or the existence of contaminants can disastrously alter a crop. Our solution provides, among other things, healthy water optimized for irrigation.

The offering

Aspiring to respond to existing water scarcity situations and problems in the Nordics, we will further improve the efficiency of water production and resilience, and realise technologies that can produce water in any environment. We aim to make "safe and secure drinking water made from air" standard all over the Nordics.

We offer solutions to provide you with pure, clean water free from microplastics with a neutral pH.

Our vision is sustainable and ecological and it applies to individuals, the commercial and industrial sectors, health and agri-food sectors, and many other areas.

Protecting the ecosystem

Water is the most essential cornerstone for life. It quenches thirst, aids in the cultivation of food, and has shaped the world in which we live. Living in the Nordics tends to be associated with a "safe & secure" image, but things are changing due to the effects of climate change.

Our planet is precious and the quality of our products is the first step in protecting a fragile ecosystem. Offering clean water and respecting sustainable development means providing a sustainable solution for the planet and its entire population.

Globally, one million plastic water bottles are thrown away every minute, of which 91% end up being incinerated, in landfill, or in our oceans.

A Trusted Distributor

We have dedicated our resources to delivering high quality, pure, and clean water without any surprises.

At Auqvian,  we bring you cutting-edge Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) that harness the power of the atmosphere to produce pure, high-quality water. Say goodbye to worries about water shortages and contamination. Our AWGs are a sustainable solution that work in harmony with the environment.

As a trusted distributor of AWGs, we understand the unique needs of the Nordic markets. We combine our local expertise with global standards to provide you with top-of-the-line AWG technology that exceeds expectations.

Our AWGs produce water through condensation, ensuring it's free from harmful chemicals, pollutants, and contaminants. It's like having your very own water purification system right at home or in your business.

We offer a range of AWG models to meet your specific requirements. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs perfectly.

Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way. From installation to maintenance, we've got you covered.

Experience the freedom of having a clean and sustainable water source at your fingertips.
Embrace a future where Nordic countries are no longer impacted by scarcity of clean, fresh drinking water free from microplastics.