Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWG?

AWG is a technology that extracts water from the air's moisture content to create water that can be used as potable water or for other purposes such as in agriculture or other industries.

Intake Air

Any dirt and dust are removed through true HEPA air filter trapping 99,95% of particles.

Air Condensation

The heat exchanger condenses moisture in the air to create water.

Filtration and

The water is filtered and sanitized through multiple filters to make clean drinking water.

Drinkable, Clean and Safe Water 

With the unique technology, we create clean and delicious water by repeating filtration circulation.

Why is AWG an excellent source of water?

AWG systems utilise the moisture naturally present in the air, making it a sustainable and a wholly renewable source of water. AWG is pure and free from microplastics and contaminants found in other sources, as it is condensed from the air and then typically filtered and purified. AWG systems also lead to total independence from infrastructure making them suitable for remote locations and enables localized production of water, reducing the need for long distance water transport, associated costs and environmental impacts.

Does using AWG contribute positively to the UN SDGs?

The United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are goals that Auqvian takes very seriously, which is one of the many reasons to why we are doing what we are doing. AWG can alleviate the challenges of climate change in many ways and the technology contributes to at least ten of the seventeen UN SDGs.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
UN SDG #13
UN SDG #14
UN SDG #12
UN SDG #15
UN SDG #11